Porto – Part1

Castle, Porto

In September 2020 I had the opportunity to spend some time in an AirBnB in Porto, Portugal. Located in one of the hills in the old town, with a great location if your goal is to be able to step outside and be in an historical area. And with a great view of the medieval castle on top of the other hill, in front (it was about 10-15min walk to the castle).

I was also happy I didn’t had to drive in these streets. This one was taken almost from the door of the AirBnb.

Street view

And this is the AirBnb’s street,

airbnb street

But this was one of my favourites, with good coffee shops (and Santini ice cream, but that deserves it’s own post) , and, yes, a view.

downhill street

Note that this other street has cars circulation 

small street

Finally, a view from my AirBnb apartment


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